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Ready 2 Tackle owned and operated by Todd Robbins specializes in custom tackle and components. Once an avid tournament angler and guide for walleye and small mouth bass on the Detroit River, Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair. I have over 30 plus years on the water and first hand experience with countless hours invested on the Great Lakes. Living within 20 minutes of the Detroit River, I consider them my backyard and continue to log as many hours as possible.

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"Todd, just wanted to say 'Thank You' for building a great product for us to use! This musky was caught April 28th in the Detroit River and measured just over 49" long and weighed somewhere in the 35-40lb range! Quite a catch on 6lb Fireline, a 3/4 oz jig, Thump! worm and stinger hook! When we got the fish calmed down at the side of the boat we realized that the jig was free and the only thing keeping this monster on my line was 2 points from your great stinger hooks! If anyone EVER questions the strength and quality of your product, show them this picture and give them my number. Thanks again for a great product-we are proud to endorse and use your tackle."

- Capt. Lance Valentine.

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